Scholarships and Grants

The Raymond and Lorraine Leclerc Scholarships for Academic Excellence

Named for benefactors who have been exceptionally generous in supporting Our Lady of the Holy Rosary School, the Raymond and Lorraine Leclerc Scholarships for Academic Excellence reward our best students and encourage them to complete their education at Holy Rosary.

Fifteen annually renewable $1,200. tuition awards have been established: five each for students advancing from 5th grade to 6th grade, from 6th grade to 7th grade, and from 7th grade to 8th grade. These awards are specifically and intentionally not need-based.

Three Holy Rosary teachers serve as the selection committee. Any teacher may nominate one or more students from grades 5, 6, and 7 for these scholarships. The nominations will be carefully examined by the selection committee to verify that they meet the following criteria: excellence in course grades, active classroom participation, outstanding attendance, volunteer service to the parish or to the community, standout character and behavior. The selection committee will forward chosen nominees – identified not by name but by letters (a,b,c…) – to the Holy Rosary School Board who will verify that the criteria of selection have been carefully applied.

In accepting a scholarship, a family must make a commitment that the student will remain enrolled in Holy Rosary School through the conclusion of the academic year. Withdrawal from the school for any reason other than documented serious illness or family tragedy would result in the family receiving no reimbursement of already paid tuition funds. No monies will be given to the families; instead their tuition bill will be reduced by the amount of the scholarship.

This scholarship program seeks to promote academic excellence, to reward and encourage our best students to continue their Holy Rosary education through graduation, and to provide our teachers with intelligent, motivated, and well-rounded students whom it is a joy to teach.

Needs-Based Grants

Every year the Holy Rosary School offers needs-based grants for qualifying students and parent. Applications should be submitted to the Diocese of Worcester. For more information, please visit the Grant-in-Aid section of the Tuition Policies page and the Worcester Diocese's financial aid pages, and feel free to contact the School principal, Mr. Stephen Chartier, either via email or phone at 978.632.8656 (ext. 3).